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My running life

Ok, where should I start? Probabaly with the 
latest. I almost quit running last week, 
becuase of my coach. See, ever since I 
developed stress fractures (which I totally 
blame on him and his obsession with winning, 
he hasn't cared about me nad how I do. He 
acts really immature, and doesn't talk to me 
at all. Now, he talks about me behind my back,
 telling the girls on the team I faked my 
stress fractures (um...HELLO i have xrays!)
Ok and so then he tells the other coach I 
am not running indoor track at the moment 
becuase i have "major issues". So, I was 
thinking of going up to him and saying 
"Coach, I can't come to practice today." 
He would, of course say "why not?" and I 
Wouldn't that be SO funny? No, I fully
intend to go back to running Monday/Tuesday...
I think he learned his lesson...don't hurt me.
Don't tell me I am not good, and most of all,
do NOT get in the way of my running!!!

I will write more later! 

people know where i will be runnign at scary scary

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