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You write a poem, like this:

I hate the way you make me feel;
so delicate, so weak.
I hate the way you tell me
I'm not good, I'm worthless. 
I hate the way you make me
believe all this is true.
I hate the way you turned on me
so soon...

I was your favorite runner once.
I was a shooting star-
bright and bold in the heavens.
Then I faded out of sight.
Hurt and lost forever.
How I wish I could go back to 
when i stil shone in your eyes.
I'm still as good, but tarnished.

Tarnished by your hate for me,
tarnished by your disbelief in me.
I'll prove you wrong one day,
just you wait and see.
I'll show them all who I am,
I'll show you who I was,
and who I'll always be..

The Scoop on the disagreements

Ok, ok.  I never really wanted to 
post this online, about why I do not
get along with my coach. But since I 
keep bringing it up, I might as well tell
you all. Not fair to leave you in the dark. 
I haven't quit indoor.  My coach is really
imature. When I had stress fractures, he said
that I had to keep running on them.  Eventually,
my season was ruined. Now, he doesn't like me
becuase of the fact that my season got screwed
up, and he believes anything he hears about me.
Which, when your in highschool, isn't good.
Now he talks about me behind my back. Kinda like I 
am doing to him right now. He talks mad crap about 
me to my teachers, classmates and fellow teammates. 
They all believe him and always give me and my friends
dirty looks. It was all ok, before I couldn't run...and
that was his OWN fault. *sighs* So anyways. The latest is
that i was at track Monday. I had had the weekend from hell.
I was crying my friends were crying. I couldn't run, 
i was crying too much.  
He started making fun of us and telling us to get moving and
that we were fat and lazy. 
we left. I cant WAIT 
till college when I have a coach who cares!!!! 
Oh, and now I have not quit track.  
I am just gonna find myself a different coach