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I think I am unsure of what to do with this space.  
I sure don't have any pics here. I think I am going 
to title it "relationships suck" Sure there are guys
out there who are loving and kind, but c'mon whats that 
me to them ratio? 1(me):-1000000000000(them)? LOL. 
Honestly. My boyfriend broke up with me December 
5th because he wants to move away and go back to 
his ex girlfriend 700 miles away. :(* his loss. 
I'll need to get a good run in to get over that one.
 But, ok, this may sound corny, but whenever guys hurt 
me, I just go running and let my feet pounding the
 ground erase him from my heart.  So if you do that,
 then its all, if you go running anytime 
a person of the opposite sex hurts you, do you realize 
how often you will be running? Soon, your times will 
be awesome, and you will look totally gorgeous
 and toned. Then, you'll look even better for 
the next fish that ya hook. Thats just the way 
I look at it! 

So...the daniel anger has faded away. 
 i have a very nice boyfriend who i care 
for very much named matt.  but as always men are not a 
necessity in my life, it is just nice to find one who i
care about and who cares about me (i...hope?)