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God saw a tear, and wiped it away with the smile of a friend. --A. LeBlanc-- more quotes soon send them into me and i will get them up asap

My List of Links

Brian Wright's Page
This is my forum friend Brian's Page
Eli George's Page
My forum friend Eli's Page
Ben Scalley's Page
My Aussie friends page-write him and tell him to put up info on the killer kangaroos in Aussieland!
Mule's Page
My friend Mule's Page
Brenna's Page
Brenna My online friends page
CPU's page
Adams Site
My friend Adam's Page
Krist's Wonderful Page!
Go here it is inspirational!
Wind's Page
And her sisters page is here too. It is a good page
Alice's Page
A good page with some good info
Big Blue Track
Nick's Teams Page. A fellow NC/MA-ian!!!
Tim's Page
A St. Olaf U is pretty empty right now but it will get better. :)
Eric's Site
Visit this site. Eric is awesome! Go see his page; even though mine is better lol jk

If u want your url added email me the address also i have icq uin# 8558604 and aol IM Xc girl 1600

Ok, this is a little history of how I met my online pals. Don't be offended if you are not on here, I am trying to take my time so I find the right words for the right people. I have icq bc my oldest ICQ friend, Krist, sent it to me. Krist Jason and JC and ADAM are my oldest "online" friends...I met them in Yahoo Chat in the winter. Then there are my Runners World Online Friends. There are so many of them and I am so blessed to be with them. The first I have got to mention is Curious In California. he is no longer with us, but someday he will come back. Curious lived in LA, but he moved to PA to be with old family neighbors. We havent heard from him in awhile, BC he is in Africa on a mission trip but he will be home soon. Next I have to mention Hoopty. He is my buddy too. He lives in Wyoming and drinks Kool-Aid all day. There are no movie theatres in Wyoming, so he pulls a Footloose and sneaks across state lines to go to the movies...rumor has it he really likes Velcro...and when he gets lost he wanders around Mooing, if he hears anyother moos he know he is in the right state. ;) sorry hoopty had to pick on you i love ya dearly tho! Um, lets see there is Ben, my aussie friend. He kicks ass even tho he has gotten hit by kangaroos too many times. He also seems to think that in America there are gangsters on every street corner selling cocaine. I told him that isn't cocaine it is weed. The coke dealers of America all live in those big Anyways he kicks ass and he is a good sport bc i am forever "heaps" picking on him and AussieLand (Australia). Then there is Tim. I will add to this another time when i figure out exactly what I want to say about Tim & the rest!