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I know this picture has nothing to do with running. Get over it. The man at my side was my prom date, Doug...he and I are best friends. We went out when I was a sophomore (forever ago lol)

My Training Log

Ok, well, for anyone who is ever going to care, soon this is going to be full of my wonderful outdoor track workouts. Coach and I are getting along now, somewhat...just so you know.

Tuesday in February: drills 10 minit run had to go early

Wednesday the 17th: drills 10 minit run with hills 4 100m sprints 8 diagonals

Thursday and Friday: No practice

Monday Feb 22: drills 25 minutes WHAT A WEAK WORKOUT! LETS GET SOME REAL STUFF HERE!!!!

Tuesday Feb 23: I am not sure...but I think we did a 30 minute run...

Wednesday Feb 24: drills 25 minute "indian run" 5 minutes of bleachers -This practice was really good, becuase we all stayed together and encouraged eachother and it felt so... "teamy" lol. Plus we all worked hard.

Thursday February 25: I didn't go to practice. I had to go to tutoring for Bio II. I still think my teacher is making up all this DNA replication

Friday February 26: Drills ten minute run 400m, 800m, 400m

Monday March 1: ARGH!!!!!!! I AM SO BAD AT THIS! stretches drills ten minute run 12 200m ( i stopped at ten bc I am a baby and i couldnt take it) I SUCKKKKKK