My Bad Poems
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Here are Some of my poems


Someone wants you right now.
SOmeone loves you right now.
Someone wishes for you right now.
Someone longs for you right now.

Someone saw your hurt,
and tried to heal it.
Someone saw your heart,
and tried to win it.

Your soul is tired,
and someone wants it to rest.
Someone wants to save you
from yourself.

Someone has seen the real you.
Someone kows that it is an act,
that tough guy front.
Someone loves you all the same.

You hurt someone so bad.
You made someone cry.
You made someone pay for your past.
You made someone hurt.

Someone still cries for you at night,
over the loss of you.
Someone loved you once,
and always will.

Someone wishes you'd
run back to her.
Someone wishes your lvoe wasn't a lie.
All these someones are me.

*Note from author: ahh...don't you just love breaking up with a person and then finding out all he ever said to you was a lie and he jsut really doesn't care? I thought so.

Losing You
Falling in love with you
is like chasing the wind
It consumes your every desire...

You became my life in so short a time.
Loving you was like losing myself
and becoming who you wanted
But i like dthe girl you made me be,
docile and tame.
Prudish and quiet.

Now you have left me,
and I'm free to be me again.
Free to roam the halls
of school...
free to date who I please.

But why is it that now I can't seem to find
the me that I was.
Losing your love is like
losing the moon
and the stars dont remember how to shine

Loving you was like chasing the wind
Like all my breath was knowcked out of me
Losing you allows me to live again
Losgin you kills me inside

*Author's Note: Ok, I know that I'm only 17, and at 17 you really don't know what love is, supposedly (thought I really don't see the difference between a 30 year old and a 17 year old...everyone knows how to love. Or so they say. Everyone is *capable* of love. That doesnt mean I *love* Daniel anymore., or ever did. Maybe it just means I really really cared about him. Yea...that's it.*

Please Stop
12/30/98 7:43:54 PM

Please stop lying to me
dont tell me that you love me
Please stop lying to yourself
tell yourself you love me.

Please Stop hurting me
Please Stop loving me
If this is how you love
I want no part of it

Please let my memories cease
Please let me rest just once
Please ket me go
Please help me let you go

Please stop wanting to touch me
Please stop speaking to me
Please Stop loving me
because your love is only a bundle of lies

*Ah...Here we go again, huh? Why Couldn't Daniel just leave me alone? I do so much better when I am single. Then I can go out and have fun adn not worry about a controlling boyfriend. was *quite* nice while it lasted. *sigh* Oh my I sound like some love struck loser who just has no life and mourns over her ex all her life and never falls in love or gets married...Oh YIKES!!!*

Dec. 31, 1998
We're starting to talk again,
We've been missing eachother more every day.

You're starting to love me again,
but when did you ever start, or stop?

I'm wishing I could love you again,
I'm not sure it's what I need.

They say you'll only hurt me again,
They're probabaly right.

Why can't we go back again
to when we'd never met?

We can't, so I'm confused again,
unsure of what to do.

*Note: Why can't I leave this one alone? We might get back together...*sighs* I don't think I want to, because, I mean...obviously he's put me through a lot. And there are many other fish in the sea...


How did it feel
when your words
killed a part of me?

How did it feel
when your words
made me cry?

Did you feel powerful,
becasue I love you,
and let you have control?

Did you feel powerful,
becuase I love you,
and you can cause me pain/

How about I rip your heart out,
the way you did to me?

How about I make you hurt,
except I lvoe you too much?

Lets both stop,
and see when we ever started.

Lets both start over,
and see how far we get.

*NOTE: ok i really think I will stop writing poems about him now. Or at least, i will stop sharing my corny poems about how unfair "love" is with the'm *SO* not one of the brooding artist types. It just doesnt fit me. So here are some different poems, for a change. And oh, if you were thinking of stealing my poetry...DONT i am posting them up here with trust that they are so bad no one would ever steal them. So just don't.

The Birth
Tucked into the safety of the womb,
the baby feels love and warmth.
The pulsating walls reject it,
pushing it further away from the womb,
from the blessed ignorance it is in.
The child comes into the light,
engulfed in coldness.
The harsh light of reality blinds it.
The child, immersed in mourning,
opens its mouth, and

My girls they mean so much to me,
always there when i need for them to be.

My girls they are so good to me,
always ready to wipe away my tears.

My girls they mean the world to me,
always there to chase away my fears.

I only hope they know all this,
that they are my sun and moon.

My girls they are my ocean,
my wind and my stars.

My girls are always here for me,
and they never stop loving me.

And that is why they are "my" girls

*Note: i wrote this poem for my close friends, because i lvoe them berry much!

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