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Please send me all your quotes and sayings etc. This page won't be complete without them!!!

"Live to run. Run to win. Live to win."
i think i made this us

"Rocks in my head-tha means you guys are 
stupid for running"
Eli's friends Grandma

"CC is the only sport all the rest are 
just games"

"Of course its not easy if it was easy then 
everybody would be doing it."

"Remember Jim Fixx the famous running guy? 
did a book on joggin and did a jogging video.
 Dropped dead of a heart attack when?? when he 
was freakin' jogging!"
~Dennis Leary

Take life one mile at a time

Run till it flows

Non Illegitimati Carborundum
got this from Jon...anyone know what it means? if u do u get a cookie



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