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I am a runner in North Carolina. I run a 5K in an average of 21:30 and my best time is 20:31. My goal for this season is 19:40...and i don't want anybody to tell me i cant do it, becuase i can. I am in my third year on my school's varsity cross country team. I also run outdoor track. I ran the 3200 last year. This year I plan on running the 1600, and the 4x400, and maybe an 800 just to know what my friends go through. ;) . This page is never done, so check back for PRE links, running links etc!!!

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A quote by Steve Prefontaine

As you can see this page is always changing, and is still being put up. It has recently made a massive transition from a track page to a nothing page to a cross country page. I hope it continues to grow :) Come back and visit soon! Hey btw please pretty please sign my book I want to find out where you are coming from and who you are. I have had many hits but no idea who :(. Love you dearly!

Well guys, The Senior Year XC season ended. I want to give some mad props to my dear xc team...Pre-Confrence Champs..Conference Champs....3rd in regionals against some of the toughest schools in the state...YOU GO GIRLS...YOU GOT SOME!! (inside joke.xc team slogan. thanks to me) You girls all know how to hustle and thats awesome. Wish I could have helped us in the way to the top...but I will be there for track!

My stress fractures have healed for anyone who was wondering. I didn't get to finish the cross country season, because I didn't earn my spot to run this year. I was pretty disappointed. :( So...do i get Most Valuable? *lol*

Well...as much as I hate to start taking this down, I have to start making this an outdoor track page. I wish I could archive this junk I write. I hope everyone's season has started out well. Due to a few temper tantrums from coach, and myself, I quit indoor, as much asd i said i wasn't going to, I did. My legs no longer hurt and I am able to run again. I never realized how much I took for granted until I couldn't run. Anyways, don't forget to sign my guestbook!! Happy Running!!

2/17 Hey people! Well well well! Outdoor track has started, and I can't even begin to tell you exactly how excited I am about this season. I cant wait! I can just feel that it is going to be an awesome one. I hope everyone else is feeling as optimistic as i am!

7/8 Well...seeing as I quit track, maybe that season didn't go so well, huh? But right now I am going to tey to get back to running. I have not run since, oh, March, once in April..but SO WHAT? I am going to train harder, on my own, with no coach ever, for the first time ever, and i bet i can do better now that i dont have to train like HE wants me to . I can train according to my body and according to what I know i can do...anything. And ya know what else? I am not a quitter...and i am very dissappointed he could turn me into one. So here goes nothing...wish me luck because I am ready to train again!!!

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